Daniela Voß

Ms. Daniela Voß is a Commercial Director and one of the owners of the company Wagner & Voss Logistic GmbH.

A long working experience of Ms. Voß as a leading expert in logistics at the enterprise working successfully on the European market of bulk cargo (dry bulk) discloses a deep understanding of logistics processes and keen focus on quality and quickness of the rendered services.

" A communication with the client in his mother tongue, qualified and quick customer services, when client is assigned to each of our managers, are the clue which helps us reach a long-term trusted partnership."

Daniela Voß

Tel.: +49 421 67 37 27 47

Mobile:+49 0177 41 27 199

E-Mail: d.voss@wagner-voss.net

Irene Wagner

Mrs. Irene Kareba-Wagner is supervising Financial and HR Departments and is a shareholder of the company Wagner & Voss Logistik GmbH.

A long working experience of Mrs. Irene Kareba-Wagner in construction industry logistics, keeping financial statements and direct cooperation with the technical personel in European trade companies enables us to complete the facing tasks considering the specifics and key aspects of each client successfully.

"A smart scheme and arrangment of ligistics processes and constant monotoring of all the stages of transportation are an integral basis for the beginning of long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation."

Irene Kareba-Wagner

Tel.: +49 421 67 37 27 47

Mobile:+49 0176 204 73 491

E-Mail: i.wagner@wagner-voss.net

A philosophy of our company is based on 6 simple items.

We are responsible to our clients to ensure that the GOODS provided for transportation ofthe necessary QUALITY and QUANTITY will be delivered at the agreed TIME at the designated PLACE and this will be made at the unchanged PRICE.

This refers to all modes of transportation-land transportation, ocean transportation and air transportation.

"We aim our logistics to be a strenth of your business!"

Bulk cargo (dry bulk)

Our company is a reliable partner

- for the transportation of bulk cargo/goods for the constuction industry such as sand, broken stones, cements and others

- for the removal of construction waste/spoil after a demolition

- for the transportation of industrial waste/materials

"We care about your logistics, you care about your business."

Container transportation

Our main activity in a container transportationsegment is concentrated mostly on the tranportation of 20´/ 40´containers.

We provide all our clients with both single and regular transportation to anywhere in Germany, with special focus on the daily traffic between the biggest North German ports such as Bremen, Bremerhaven and Hamburg.

"Our drivers execute their work knowledgeably and as promptly as possible, a client has a possibility at any time to clear a location of the cargo and its due time."

Multimodal transport (contract logistics)

We work under the optimisation of the whole transport chain including multimodal contracts (vessel-warehouse, then railway-truck and so on).

It means the following for our clients:

- an individual transport route working out as solutions developments for particular cargo groups

- a one stop-shop principle for all arised quetions

- an interchange of views or customer´s feedbacks in regards to the specifics of goods to work out the mostly efficient route for a customer when delivered by different modes of transport with the reloading on trucks or from a temorary storage warehouse.

"We think in oppotunities rather than borders."

Wagner & Voss Logistik GmbH

Münster Str.10

28277 Bremen

Tel.+ 49 421/67 37 27 47

Fax.+49 421/847 33 471